Rock Hard granite Sink countertop

French chefs have sworn for years that granite rolling pins and countertops are essential for making flaky pastries. The granite conducts heat away from the dough allowing you to work it faster without the butter melting.


It's no wonder that granite is considered the high end countertop material. It is beloved by home and commercial cooks alike for its incredible appearance and flexibility as a workspace. You can have your choice of granite installation for kitchens, bathrooms, master bedroom suites and much more.

The best surface for pastries

Enjoy easy cleaning

Because finished granite is a non-porous surface it doesn't take much to keep it clean. Just wipe it down with warm water and mild detergent, or use a specialized stone cleaner.


Avoid using harsh chemicals, glass cleaner or abrasive cleaners because they can scratch or pit the surface of your counters and ruin the finish of your brand

new countertops.

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Take your Kitchen  to a higher level with granite countertops.

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